Sanlorenzo 106 Hybrid 2015

Sanlorenzo 106 2015


Asking Price : 6,500,000 €
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Fuel Capacity
Max Speed
Cruising Speed

5 guest ensuite cabins with master on the main deck.

2 MTU 16V2000M93 , 3434 HP

Gensets 45 kw X 2

Range at 11 knots 1,406 NM

Hybrid system.

Hybrid Overview 

The hybrid propulsion system designed for the SL Hybrid line reduces fuel consumption and carbon footprint, noise and fluctuations, significantly improving on-board comfort both at sea and at anchor. 

The Hybrid system has five operation modes: 

  • Diesel-electric propulsion: near-silent operation up to 9.5 knots.
  • Zero emission hotel mode: no internal combustion engine is required to operate all on board
    systems while at anchor.
  • Shaft alternator power generation: the economical navigation mode, with a single main diesel
    engine turned on. The two propellers can be powered and generate enough electricity for the
    entire yacht.
  • Traditional direct diesel engine propulsion: ensures simplicity and reliability of traditional
    transmission and guarantees at the same time the traditional fast cruise speed performances
    of the Yacht.
  • Booster power mode: maximum performance, top speed increased up to 1.5 knots and faster
    acceleration using Electrical & Diesel power together.

The Hybrid system is a combination of twin MTU 2,400 hp diesel engines and 180 hp electric motors added to each propeller shaft, operating in parallel with the MTU diesels. 

In spite of the massive disparity in the rated power of the diesel engines and electric motors, they deliver roughly the same torque to the propeller shafts—up to a diesel speed of 1,000 rpm. As a 

result, the electric motors can drive this 106’ vessel up to 10 knots. When in diesel engine mode, the electric motors can either be used to boost the diesel engines for faster acceleration or else can be driven as powerful generators. 

The system additionally includes two 150 kW WhisperPower permanent magnet DC generators and a 150 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The battery pack is able to deliver such things as overnight air conditioning at anchor without running a generator (one of the key goals of the system). 

The electric motors are capable of handling all low-speed propulsion until the battery pack is depleted. This eliminates the most inefficient range of diesel engine operation at the same time as it delivers a remarkably quiet ride (another of the key goals of the system). At 9 knots the range in calm waters is around 10 miles. Once the battery pack is depleted, either the generators kick in, or one of the diesel engines can be engaged driving its electric motor as a generator which powers the second electric motor. The combined propulsion and electric motor load on the operating diesel engine is sufficient to drive it into a relatively efficient part of its fuel map, resulting in substantial overall fuel savings as compared to the conventional practice of running both diesel engines at light propulsion loads. 

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