The superyacht toy business is enjoying a true golden age – never before have owners had the option to enjoy the water in so many different ways. Here we take a look at some of the cooler things you can pack on board…

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Manta 5
A New Zealand-based company has revealed the world’s first water-bike using the same technology as America’s Cup sailing yachts. Manta 5’s hydrofoil eBike, the XE-1, is suitable for all fitness levels and allows riders to explore coastlines and to train on the water. Resilient against saltwater corrosion, the bike has a top speed of around 20km/h.

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A cross between a helicopter and a car, this extraordinary vehicle can fly as well as drive. On the road, it is a low-slung three-wheeler capable of up to 160km/h with its 100hp engine. Switch to flight mode and the aero propeller at the back can push it to 180km/h with a 400-kilometre range. Large rotor blades on top provide lift and are turned solely by the forward motion of the vehicle. Italian style and finish are allied with solid Dutch engineering. Sensibly, mandatory training is included in the price tag. 

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RoboSea Robo-Shark
This underwater drone not only looks like a shark (and, at 2.2m in length, it is the size of one), it also moves like a shark. This unique mimicry allows it to get closer to underwater creatures, which in turn means you get a better view of aquatic life. At around 75kg it’s pretty hefty, but it does have automatic obstacle avoidance and a multi-joint caudal fin that reduces water noise. Top speed is 10 knots, and it can be used at distances up to 2km and depths of 300m. Battery life is two hours, and it can also be fitted with nearly any camera, communication or sensor rig.

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