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SL96 Asymmetric est une synthèse d’idées, de lieux et de fonctions, un conteneur de vie qui peut se transformer et se réadapter à différentes dimensions et ergonomies en changeant le flux à bord, pour offrir de nouvelles façons d’exploiter les espaces de la vie quotidienne sans perte pour le propriétaire, et en maintenant les symboles et la communication stylistique pour en faire une partie vivante et intégrale de l’identité de marque de Sanlorenzo.



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Sanlorenzo 96

Among the world’s leading producers of yachts and superyachts, Sanlorenzo presents an innovative and bold project, which once again demonstrates its ability to go beyond the limits posed by nautical design and to undertake new directions, thanks to a unique combination of technology and craftsmanship and a precise design concept: the SL96 Asymmetric yacht, worthy successor of the first yacht of this series, the SL102 Asymmetric.

With the aim of making more use of the interior spaces and having better communication with the outside world, SL96Asymmetric rethinks the canonical layout of a yacht, retaining only the side decks on the starboard side and eliminating the portside one, which is carried on the roof of the superstructure, allowing 10sqm of surface space to be recovered to the benefit of the interiors, through this asymmetric configuration. Something which has never been tried before.

A layout that, compared to a traditional one, offers more space, brightness, relaxation and better flexibility of use.

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