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The Pacific Trawlers 72 is a beautiful example of a no Nonsense high end long distance blue water expedition trawler. The Pacific Trawlers 72 offers ample space and all the comforts from home and is equally comfortable in the inland water ways as she is at blue water cruises.

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Trawler Pacific 72


Even if we can say that our Aluminium Navetta Pacific 22,74 M (Naval Architect Joubert) is the
“big brother” of the Swift Trawler 52 designed by Joubert, the layout, her autonomy, her size brings
her closer to the Sélène 66 with more volume than the latter. (Sélène/Trawler Joubert hull length
20.19/21.34 m excluding bowsprit and swimming platform ), waterline 18.75/19.30 m, width
5.69/5.90 m),

Our Pacific 72 built in Aluminium needs exterior painting (hull and roof which has been taken into
account in the advertised price, although we can opt for raw aluminum for the hull like our previous
boat or the Trawler Garcia 54 .

The quality of construction of the hull is clearly above average, the very dense structure really well
thought out was defined by the Bureau Veritas Paris,

Very strong, dense, without worrying about saving on the hours of labor necessary for her
realization (we are very very far from a simple hull in “strongall”), In addition to defining the
structure (on the basis of the merchant ship standards) Veritas checked the sheet metal certificates,
the qualifications of the welders, the compliance of the construction with the plans and the welds

Joubert wellknown architect mastering his subject whose first drawing that can be qualified as a
trawler dates from more than 40 years ago (Ange de Mer), Subsequently, in addition to sailboats, he
designed many motor boats from small to large. ‘Abely wheeler’ models “Espiritu Santus” built by
Océa shipyard.

Our Pacific 72 2006 has the highest quality equipment: Caterpillar, Onan, Kohler, Maxwell, Simrad,
Side Power, Opacmare, Victron, Aquadrive, Spectra.

Her Caterpillar C12 (x2) engines with very few hours approximately 780h scalable according to our
next trips, Engines having proven themselves and reputation is done since a long time in
commercial and pleasure yachts. At cruising speeds they are very little used, Recently we towed a
17.50m Riviera of 22T at 8 knots using only one engine which was only at 50% load for the speed
used…Big reserve of power enabling 15 knots to be maintained 24/24 without any problem if
necessary, the engine installation benefits from Aquadrive couplings, ERCEM seals and the stern
tube is lined with a fiberglass tube isolating the line stainless steel shaft of the stern tube.

Hull benefits from a “Sealium” aluminum alloy up to 25% more resistant than the classic 5086 or
5083, which after welding provides an additional resistance of approximately 15%, compared to
5083, (see the pdf of Almet),

Autonomy: the generous size of her tanks allows her to consider the world as a playground, run
around the world at 8 knots is possible easily.

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