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Trixplorer MP 300 for sale – a new exploration yacht design based on our innovative professional trimaran designs. Perfect for Offshore Wind wind farms and Oil & Gas platforms, it operates safely and reliably in the most severe conditions. And with its efficiency and low cost of operation and maintenance, it’s a smart investment.


Trixplorer MP 300 is for Sale – New Exploration Yacht Design

Please find attached the MP300 Trixplorer Yacht dossier.

This is a new exploration yacht design, based on the innovative professional trimaran designs that we are successfully developing for the new Offshore Wind wind farms and Oil & Gas platforms, where they must operate in the most severe conditions on the globe on a continuous, safe, reliable and comfortable manner, without forgetting its efficiency and low cost of operation and maintenance.

These strict parameters, added to an interior and exterior distribution without limitations, with the demanding operational limits and levels of comfort and functionality stipulated by an expert captain like Eric Pialles, just arrived from a trip around the world combining exoticism and pandemic, have given this result that I hope you find attractive and different.

We have sought to combine all the really important key points for an explorer: huge space, owner/guest and crew independence and functionality, a very efficient, robust and at the same time light hull to allow electric propulsion, which can navigate in ice areas and do Transpacific crossings without inconveniences, low consumption and maintenance, with a remarkable seakeeping and a station keeping very optimized to allow you to stay in a place without anchoring (protected areas) and even avoid expensive marinas by staying in hybrid mode in DP, with solar and wind recharge.

Everything has been optimized: the tenders, the helideck, the operation of the submarine, the Beach Club, the stowage capacity and the ease of loading and unloading, the Spa/Wellness area and the large glazed areas to have a true balcony over the sea.

Built in a sustainable and recyclable way, it incorporates state-of-the-art diesel propulsion and minimal emissions, together with a hybrid system that allows it to operate in an ecological and low-cost way for long periods with zero emissions.

Finally, we have paid special attention to the details that make the difference between a coastal navigation yacht and a true explorer:

good tenders to explore (no need to call a tank truck every three days), what to do with the garbage, have available and truly isolated cabins for unanticipated guests or medical emergencies, a large capacity and autonomy helicopter with permanent hangar, all the water & land toys, a real submarine and a multitude of other details that make life easier in any lost corner of the globe, these attractive corners …

I remain at your disposal to comment on all the characteristics and present it when and where you deem appropriate, we have spent a lot of time developing it but it is now ready for the world to see.

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