• PX105 2011 CB392100100801 abyacht brokerage 6
  • PX105 2011 CB392100100801 abyacht brokerage 6
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  • Ulstein PX105 red 01.jpg21D4D55A 5EED 46F9 81D0 355D45B9FD77DefaultHQ
  • Ulstein PX105 red 03.jpg0AC74093 6C93 4125 B131 F66C7DD809A1DefaultHQ
  • Ulstein PX105 red 04.jpg1260A7BB 012E 43F8 BFDA 9485A2158AFEDefaultHQ
  • Ulstein PX105 red 05.jpgD2324899 51C5 4B0E 9133 A53C9DC11691DefaultHQ
  • Ulstein PX105 red 06.jpgFDA93A07 B72B 41FE 9749 22F484ECF9CCDefaultHQ
  • Ulstein PX105 red 07.jpg4D769B75 A549 46FE BAFC 07994F2CF7A4DefaultHQ
  • Ulstein PX105 red 08.jpgE79CD014 255A 49E4 92DF C7C4EBB370E1DefaultHQ
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  • Ulstein PX105 red 14.jpgF6B8AB09 9446 40A0 BA4C 4E7A5114E5D2DefaultHQ
  • Ulstein PX105 red 16.jpgF9037989 D368 470B 9B02 BB096CD77D4EDefaultHQ
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  • Ulstein PX105 red 20.jpg970967DF 248E 4E65 9BD4 D527FD8A475CDefaultHQ
  • Ulstein PX105 red 21.jpg603059D9 9946 475B 8D9D A5A89A5296C4DefaultHQ
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  • Ulstein PX105 red 25.jpgAF1E8325 A557 427F 9850 3F866AFC9202DefaultHQ
  • Ulstein PX105 red 26.jpg32C50431 AB79 45F1 ADA6 FAC752E7D84BDefaultHQ
  • Ulstein PX105 red 27.jpgD1E09C95 F734 4053 8698 10912084CB7ADefaultHQ
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  • Ulstein PX105 red 29.jpg7747B5E5 E805 4A10 8F73 3CD5F2F0B8C0DefaultHQ
  • Ulstein PX105 red 30.jpg4890D3F9 E915 4E61 8704 823ABDC01A96DefaultHQ
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  • Ulstein PX105 red 41.jpg6C35F9AE 895E 471E 9455 95439B05FA58DefaultHQ
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PX 105

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Rem Mist is a large platform supply vessel (PSV) built by the Norwegian shipbuilder Ulstein Verft for Remøy Shipping, a ship management company of the Remøy Group. She was delivered in May 2011 and immediately chartered to Statoil for operations in the North Sea.

Ulstein was contracted in May 2008 for the construction of two PSVs. The first vessel, Rem Hrist, was delivered in March 2011.

Construction on the second vessel was commenced in 2009, with the keel being laid in September 2009. She was launched in February 2011. The vessel’s hull was constructed in Kerch, Ukraine, by Zaliv shipyard.

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Ulstein Verft As

Rem Mist has been built to cope with the tough requirements of the offshore industry. The main activities performed by the vessel include transportation of cargoes, carriage of dry bulk (as well as liquid bulk in tanks) and moving pipes and other general cargo on the open deck.

The vessel’s design is based on PX105 design series, which was developed by Ulstein Design & Solutions to meet future demands of the offshore industry. The PX105 vessels, due to their large and dependable platforms, can ship voluminous and general cargoes to offshore sites.

The 4,258t PSV is incorporated with Ulstein’s unique and eco-friendly hull design, which is popularly known as X-BOW. Based on an inverted bow concept, this unique hull line causes less hydrodynamic drag and therefore allows the vessel to operate on less fuel compared to ships with a conventional hull line.

The environmentally-friendly vessel carries DNV’s (Det Norske Veritas) Clean Design class notation and is provided with an oil recovery system which complies with NOFO 2005 standards. She is also certified (by Norwegian Maritime Directorate) to be used as a standby / rescue vessel for up to 250 people

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