A yacht must be professionally maintained and managed, expenditures and budgets have to be much controlled, everyday operations need to be in the hands of professional people. Let the professionals of Abyacht ensure your yacht runs well. We are used to work with experienced crew to manage every part of the business.


Abyacht has a strong relationship with shipyards and yacht builders. We propose to introduce our customers to the shipyards, we manage new-build and refit projects for yachts. With a long experience in the yacht market, we are able to propose a professional project to our clients.


One day, one week, one month. The best yachts around the world for your holidays. Let us take care of you, your family and your friends. As time is passing by too fast, be pragmatic : Call us , we are professionals.


You are looking for a berth for your yacht ? We can find the best place for you, with our wide range of contact on the yacht market place, you’ll be sure to find a great service, safety for the transaction and efficiency.

Abyacht offers the following services

1. Assistance and advice to the owner in choosing the type of yacht. Full assistance in case of preliminary contacts with the shipyard. Assistance in finding available slots: slot booking and / or assignment.
2. Assistance and advice in finding suitable financing instruments for the acquisition of the yacht. Assistance in negotiating and executing leasing agreements and /or Mortgage loan agreements, including the preliminary phase of due–diligence by the financial institution, the negotiation of applicable terms and condition of finance and negotiation of securities.
3. Negotiation, drafting and execution of shipbuilding and refitting agreements with full examination with the assistance of the owner’s technical consultants, of all technical matters including specifications, constructions drawings, accessories as well as all equipment which is either included or not included in the final price.

4. We particularly focus our attention on:

  • Arrangement of advance payments schedule.
  • Advance payments and guarantee retentions.
  • Refund and / or performance guaranties.
  • Yacht insurance during its construction.
  • Issues concerning Classification Societies.
  • Compliance of contractual terms.
    Assistance during official tests and sea trials.
  • Delivery and acceptance of the vessel.
  • Payment of the balance price.
  • Transfer of yacht’s title of ownership.
5. Negotiation, drafting and execution of sale and purchase agreement for existing yachts in accordance to internationally accepted practices (MYBA, FYBA, ISYBA, etc), including negotiation and drafting of Memorandum of agreement (MOA) preliminary inspection and survey activity, as well as other activity up to the actual transfer of ownership.
6. Assistance with the main Classification Societies (R.I.N.A, A.B.S, B.V, Lloyds) for any issues referring to yacht classification (being same either for pleasure or for commercial use).
7. Assistance and advice for the incorporation and management of yachting companies in any EU or non-EU jurisdiction countries.
8. Assistance and advice for the choice of the flag state and per owner’s requirements, is yacht is intended either pleasure or commercial use as well as in consideration of its technical and safety details.
9. Assistance for registration of the yacht in any EU and non-EU ship registers including all unavoidable requests and formalities.
10. Assistance and advice in the negotiation and execution of insurance policies (including third party liability insurance, all risk insurance, hull insurance and crew insurance) with all major EU or non-EU companies.
11. Assistance and advice in charter activities, including negotiation and drafting of charter agreements.
12. Tax advise to clients, for either EU or non-EU residents, individual or company with particular emphasis on the following items.
  • Vat handling in case of purchase (either directly or through leasing agreements) for new building yachts.
  • Vat handling in case of purchase (either directly or through leasing agreements) for existing and second hand yachts.
  • Vat handling in case of assignment of leasing agreements.
  • Vat and tax handling in case of purchase bunkers.
  • Vat handling in case of any purchase of goods and services for commercial yachts.
  • Tax handling for crew and all its related issues.

13. Assistance and advice in any claim before any civil and arbitral court of EU or non-EU jurisdiction, with special reference to shipbuilding agreements, sale and purchase agreements in the use of yachts for either pleasure or commercial purposes, navigation risks, salvage and / or towage.

In view to market’s globalization and of the strong development of the international demand, Abyacht has recently developed strategic relations in the yachting sector with some international law firms located in some of most convenient EU or non-EU jurisdictions.

Such strategic relations enable Abyacht to accurate legal services to an always-increasing number of international clients.