Our Services

Expert Yachting Services for Discerning Owners

Embark on your yacht ownership journey with Abyacht, your dedicated partner in every nautical endeavor. From selecting your ideal vessel to managing intricate legalities, our comprehensive suite of services ensures a seamless yachting experience.

Tailored Yacht Selection Assistance

Navigating the myriad of yacht options can be daunting. Rely on our expertise to guide you in selecting the perfect vessel, facilitating initial contacts with shipyards, and securing desired slots.

Financial Guidance and Negotiation

We assist in identifying suitable financing avenues, negotiating lease or mortgage agreements, and overseeing due diligence processes by financial institutions, ensuring favorable terms for your acquisition.

Meticulous Contractual Support

From negotiating and drafting shipbuilding agreements to scrutinizing technical specifications, our meticulous approach guarantees airtight contracts that align with your vision.

Focused Attention on Crucial Details

We pay meticulous attention to advance payments, guarantees, insurance, compliance matters, classification societies, and seamless delivery, ensuring a hassle-free process.

Seamless Sale and Purchase Transactions

Utilizing internationally accepted practices, we adeptly handle negotiations, drafting agreements, inspections, surveys, and the seamless transfer of ownership for existing yachts.

Navigation through Classification Societies

Navigate the complexities of yacht classification with ease, ensuring compliance with relevant societies for both pleasure and commercial use.

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Corporate Setup and Management

We offer guidance on incorporating and managing yachting companies in various jurisdictions, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

Flag State Selection and Registration

Expert advice on flag state selection and registration, catering to technical, safety, and owner-specific preferences for both pleasure and commercial usage.

Registration Expertise

Seamless registration facilitation in EU and non-EU ship registers, handling all necessary formalities and requests.

Comprehensive Insurance Solutions

From liability to crew insurance, we negotiate and execute policies with major EU or non-EU insurers, safeguarding your investment comprehensively.

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Charter Activity Support

Navigate charter agreements confidently with our expertise in negotiation and drafting, ensuring airtight contractual arrangements.

Specialized Tax Advisory

Tailored tax advice catering to EU and non-EU residents, individuals, and companies, addressing VAT implications, bunkers, goods and services, crew-related tax matters, and more.

Legal Advocacy

Our legal support extends to civil and arbitral courts across various jurisdictions, covering a spectrum of yachting-related claims and agreements.

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At Abyacht, our strategic partnerships with international law firms empower us to deliver precise legal services to a growing global clientele. Experience unparalleled expertise, meticulous attention to detail, and seamless transactions as you navigate the world of yachting.