Shaping Superyachts

Shaping Superyachts

Yacht designers are reimagining the form and function of superyachts.


Inspiration is a powerful force inside the design firms and shipyards that create truly modern yachts. While today’s visionaries of course stay grounded in the lessons of naval architecture, more and more often, they are allowing more vibrant inspirations to reshape the way yachts look inside and out—a process that, by definition, also reshapes the way yachtsmen and guests interact with the vessels.

Vripack, the award-winning firm in the Netherlands, is among the leading designers and builders that fully embrace yacht-design inspiration. For its 216-foot Futura concept, Vripack looked to the natural world for everything from propulsion to deck layout.

“Her flowing, curvaceous lines denote an elegant femininity that draws from a collection of shapes found in nature,” the company stated in the yacht’s introduction. “An aerial view of the cocoonlike superstructure reveals a streamlined bow and a rounded middle, like the silhouette of a whale.”

The Futura is designed with electric-diesel propulsion and “bio-based batteries” made from salt, sand, water and plants.Courtesy Vripack
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